What to Expect

The moment you drive into the Canvas parking lot, you will be welcomed into a life-giving environment. Whether you are in shorts, jeans or business casual, you will feel right at home! Our services (9:30 and 11:00 am Sundays) are relevant and uplifting. You will be greeted by our friendly Guest Services volunteers in the lobby or childrens area. Please feel free to ask any questions about childcare or facilities. In the auditorium, for about an hour, you will hear and be invited to sing encouraging contemporary style music, hear an inspiring message from the Bible that is applicable to daily life, and be invited to share in times of communion and worship through giving. 

Please take a moment to read about the mission and the staff at Canvas. We realize that we all have a past and we are not as concerned about where you have been as much as where you are going. And we don't care what you wear, just come as you are. 


If you choose to take advantage of our excellent child care, your children will be cared for and taught by loving and trained teachers who have received a background check. Nursery care is also provided for infants and toddlers in a safe and clean environment.


D-Groups (Discipleship groups) meet in homes as well as on campus during the week for all ages and some on Sunday mornings. We believe in discipling adults, teens and children to maturity and this is a great time to learn more about the Bible together and enjoy building relationships with each other.


You may notice that at Canvas we observe Communion each Sunday. Jesus gave his followers this special memorial to call attention to the price He paid for all for our sins on the cross. During the communion time of the service (about 5 minutes), we pass around some small pieces of bread and some grape juice. The bread represents the body of Christ and the juice represents His blood. We invite you, if you also are a believer in Jesus, to participate in this time. This significant time in the service also will be explained each time and all will be directed on how to participate if you choose to.


You will also be given an opportunity in the service to give. Canvas is a nonprofit organization and is supported by donations and tithes. In the service, during a short video, we will pass around some discrete giving bags. As our guest, we ask that you feel no obligation to give. We also provide online giving here on our website if you prefer to give in that way.


You also may witness a water baptism during the services. This event is part of a person's decision to commit his / her life to Jesus. Baptism pictures the death and burial of our old life, the beginning of our new life as a follower of Jesus, and the gift of the Holy Spirit to guide us every day in a new way of living with God. If you are interested in learning more about baptism, please ask a Guest Services volunteer or staff member for more information.

Or, if you have any questions now which we have not answered here, please call (770-887-5542) or email us.

We can't wait to meet you! Welcome!

What We Believe

What does "Canvas" mean? Every life is a canvas and every canvas matters to God. All people matter to God, and because we are all God's children, they all matter to us here at Canvas. We want you to feel welcome in our gatherings. Please let us know how we are doing at this!

What We Believe (...about the Bible / or doctrinal statements): 

  • We believe that Jesus Christ is the one and only Son of God and the only way to God the Father.
  • We believe the gospel is the power of God for the salvation to all who believe.
  • We believe that the Holy Spirit lives in Christians and teaches, directs and comforts. 
  • We believe the Bible is the only inspired Word of God. It is perfect and complete in all aspects. No one has the right to change it to fit personal opinions, 
  • We believe salvation is by and through Gods grace alone, and through Jesus Christ alone.
  • We believe in the autonomy of the local church where there is no organization above or over it.
  • We believe elders are ordained as spiritual over-seers of the local congregation and are the extent of human authority within the church, 
  • We believe in the prophecies of the Old Testament and that they have all been fulfilled in Jesus Christ, 
  • We believe in the possibility of every person to acknowledge Gods plan of salvation through belief in the Lord Jesus, repentance of their sin, confessing Jesus as Lord before others, obedience to Christ by water baptism, and living faithfully to remain in Christ, 
  • We believe in every believer's pursuit of weekly gathering where Communion is observed, an opportunity for giving is offered, worship is given to God in music and singing, and the Bible is read and the Gospel presented.
  • We believe those who wear the name of Jesus are called not only to attend church but to be the Church to all those we come into contact with.
  • We believe in the promise of Christ's return and in the righteous judgment of all the world by God the Father.
  • We believe in matters of Doctrine (Bible Belief) there must be unity; in matters of Opinion there is to be liberty, and in all things, Love.